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Donato Malavarca has been in the fitness industry for over 30- years. His keen understanding of how the body moves and functions comes from years of training himself, in weight training and in martial arts. His inherent love for fitness and patience for helping individuals meet their goals is what makes him an exceptional trainer.

Donato is originally from New Jersey. In 2002 packed up everything to move to San Diego. He had a trailer full of gym equipment, a blueprint of what he wanted his gym to look like (which he had drawn over 10 years prior to moving) and his vision of what was to become F-max Fitness. 

Donato has developed a loyal following of clientele since F-max was opened in 2002. He trains everyone from kids to athletes. He is a strong, positive influence over everyone that works with him as well as a huge success rate for results-oriented individuals.  F-max is continuing to grow, and Donato has as much passion for his work as he did over 25 years ago.

Donato Malavarca
ISSA Personal training
Advanced certification in Dumbell, Functional Training, and young athlete speed and agility training
CPR and AED certification

Donato Malavarca
Dana Cahill
Specializing in:
   Gravity training System 
   Personalized nutrition programs
   Postural assessment

Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
EFI Sports Medicine Gravity Group Instructor
First Aid / CPR / AED-Adult --American Red Cross
1065 Rosecrans street
San Diego CA 92106
F-Max Fitness’ goal is to be Point Loma’s leader in combating obesity while promoting health and wellness to the local community.
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F-Max Fitness has been serving the community of Point Loma since 2002. With a fully equipped facility and a team of professionals we specialize in weight management and physical fitness. The studio in total is 1600 square feet which is dedicated to personal fitness. Training sessions are Individually designed and 100% supervised.

Karen’s first taste of the athletic and fitness world happened when she was in her first gymnastics class at the age of 3 and a half. Since then being active and helping others be active has been an integral part of her life.  At first Karen tried a career outside of the fitness world, but that quickly lost any appeal. Karen’s passion for living a healthy, active, full life comes from deep within, and there is no part of her life that does not interact with that passion. She enjoys helping others to become active, to challenge themselves to see how far they can go, return from injury, and to maintain fitness through out life.  She believes that physical activity should be safe, effective, and fun.  She has a strong yoga background, and believes that the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of wellbeing go hand in hand with each other. Karen enjoys the challenge of training many different populations in both a one on one setting and group settings in a number of modalities.  She wants people to enjoy their workouts, to feel comfortable working out, and to know that they are capable of achieving their goals.

Karen O’Lone
NCSF-Certified Personal Trainer
San Diego City College Fitness Specialist Certificate
San Diego City College Assistant Women’s Cross Country Coach
CPR, AED, First-Aid- American Red Cross

“It’s a lifestyle”

Involved in athletics since the age of 3 Curtis participated in team sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, track and field, football, and soccer. Since 2000 Curtis has been working professionally in the Health & Wellness field.

Working with students at Mt. San Jacinto College, coaching high school track & field, and personal training at numerous fitness centers has given Curtis an expertise in Strength & Conditioning.

Curtis believes that through physical training not only are we shaping our body but also our mind and spirit.

Helping people achieve their physical goals and making life long positive changes is what motivates Curtis to continue in this lifestyle.

It is through health and wellness where one attains the keys to unlocking our greatest selves and finding true happiness. 

Curtis Flowers

NESTA Personal training
ACE Personal training

Sibylle, originally from Switzerland, has a Masters degree in Physical Education along with degrees from SAFS and AFA (Aerobics and Body Pump).  

She has 5 years experience as a high school teacher, and for the last 12 years she has been teaching Stroller Strides, Body Back, Stroller Barre, and Fit4mom running classes. 

Sibylle Steiner
Masters degree in Physical Education
SAFS, AFA, Body Pump